Sunday, February 20, 2011

Revlon Top Speed - Cherry, Vintage, Jelly

Again, I'm late with a post... I can safely blame this one on photo-editing laziness.  I'll try to finish up the Top Speeds this week - everything has been edited, so it shouldn't be *too* difficult!

First up is Cherry, a medium red creme.

Ugh, I took this pic after a day of swatching and you can really tell - sorry for the dryness!  As you can see, Cherry is a medium blue-based red creme - not dark, but not very bright either.  I didn't think it looked too bad on me even though I normally hate blue-based reds on my skin.  This stained the heck out of my cuticles though!

Vintage is a dark berry, though not quite as dark as this pic makes it look.  I like the color quite a bit, but the formula was definitely lacking on this one.  It's thick and doesn't self-level well at all.  Even with topcoat, it isn't perfectly smooth.  It took two tries to get this one even enough to post.  :P

Last for today is Jelly, an orangey pink jelly-ish creme.  Haha, I know, that's not a great description, but it is the truth!  I don't normally think bright pinks flatter me too much, but this wasn't too bad - I think it's the orangey-ness.  The first coat makes you think it is a jelly, but it's actually a cream with some of the squishy-ness of a jelly.

Of these 3, Jelly had the best formula, followed by Cherry and way behind is Vintage.  It might be the most difficult one of all the Top Speeds... though Grape was really patchy.

I don't think I used a topcoat on Cherry or Jelly, but I did on Vintage to try to even it out.  These are pretty shiny on their own!

Basecoat: none
Topcoat: Beauty Secrets Fast Finish on Vintage
Number of coats: 3

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