Tuesday, March 15, 2011

another quick update

Wow, I've gained so many followers since I've been away!  Welcome all!  :D  I promise, I will be getting back to posting ASAP!

My mom is still in the hospital, but it sounds like she will be coming home in the next few days.  It's been 2 weeks!  She was sent home after a week, but was back in the ER within 24 hours, so that doesn't really count.  She had an acute case of pancreatitis and has been very sick every since.  It hasn't been life-threatening, but lots of other complications keep coming up and she just isn't healing very quickly.  She has been on a clear liquid diet for the last week and was getting to move onto low-fat solid foods today - yay!  My mom is my bestest friend, so this has been pretty hard on us.  I really want to thank everyone for your comments and well-wishes - I truly appreciate it!

And... in case you didn't see it, I won the $25 Apothica gift card giveaway at My Lucid Bubble!  I'm so excited!!  I have really needed a pick-me-up after all of this, so I get a little shopping spree with no guilt!  :D  I will let you all know what I get and will definitely be sharing swatches!

Hope to see you all again VERY soon!  ;)

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