Sunday, August 14, 2011

Orly Pure Porcelain + Barielle Buddha-ful, and a camera update!

This was the last mani I took pics of before my camera died (it’s not so ugly it broke it… right?), a very light and neutral one – not usually my thing!


So here is Pure Porcelain by itself.  I had thought to pass on this entire collection, but Cilucia posted a comparison of Sapphire Silk and other teals that I love, so that one ended up coming home with me, and I kept hearing raves about Pure Porcelain, so I finally bought it when doing a group order at work.  I didn’t find the formula of PP to be as great as everyone claimed, but a little thinning will probably fix it up.  It was thick, and though not exactly streaky, it wasn’t the most opaque and smooth polish I’ve ever worked with.  I think it actually looks ok on me – it isn’t my *perfect* nude or anything, but it doesn’t seem to clash too much.  There is a bit of pink, but not enough to make my hands look dirty or sick.  I guess it’s just an ok one, which probably means I should ditch it.  It’s about the best I’ve found in these kinds of shades though, so I’m waffling.  It was such a nice blank canvas, I decided to top it with Barielle - Buddha-ful, from their spring collection.


OOOOH look at the flakies!  :D  So pretty with their little green glints… I <3 flakies!


But um… honestly, I don’t like this combo on me. Buddha-ful has a milky/nude base which adds just enough pink to Pure Porcelain to make it… well, icky. I wore this mani for 3 days only because I couldn’t find the time to change. I really wanted to though! :(


Even in the shade, the little flakies show their pretty green side!  I really need to find a way to wear Buddha-ful, ‘cos I really like it.  That damned hint of pink in the base kills it for me though!  :(

I actually have the entire Barielle spring collection, just waiting to be swatched and have pics taken… but no camera yet.  I did order one today though!  :D  Yesterday was my birthday (the big 3-0, yikes!  I’m wearing La Boheme to celebrate, but boooo no pics!), so I got money from my family and didn’t have to spend very much.  Wanna see what I got??


Fujifilm S2950

It isn’t at all what I went looking for, but I think I’m going to really like it!  :D  I looked at so many reviews and website last week and I thought I had one all picked out and was planning on ordering it as soon as I got some $$.  I looked at Best Buy’s website to see if they had what I was looking at in stock so I could go play with it, and they didn’t have that one, but had a very similar model that was a bit newer methinks.  My family gave me some $$ yesterday, so I went in to Best Buy today ready to buy.  I played with that camera for awhile and um… yeah, I didn’t like it.  At all.  I couldn’t figure out how to get it into macro mode.  Apparently a ton of these new point and shoots don’t have a wheel like my other ones have, with the macro  settings clearly marked with the flower.  Most of them have the flower on an edge of round button-thing on the back, including the Fujifilm above that I purchased.  Some of them are also auto-macro, so they detect it and then switch over.  The camera I went in looking for never switched into that.  I figured out how to manually put it in to macro mode, so then, like a crazy person, I started taking pics of my hands.  I never could get it to focus, no matter how close or far away I was, and all the close-up shots I took were blurry.  I was SO disappointed.  I know I could probably figure out how to use it, but I want something that isn’t going to take a million years to learn to use.  My first digital camera (which does work, but the macro doesn’t) is like that – it has a ton of bells and whistles, but it can’t just take a regular picture without having to mess with every setting.  It’s around 7 years old (and was $600 at the time!), so I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t intuitively obvious on how to use it.  However, I figured most P&S cameras in the $150 range would be easy to pick up and start shooting.

I went around testing every camera they had out and was having the same troubles on most – macro would not focus.  The macro wasn’t great on my Kodak that died, but it was better than the ones I kept picking up, in the same price range.  I finally ventured to the other side of the aisle, where the more expensive cameras are.  I had to pass over everything that was $250+, but then I stopped at this one, which was only $200.  It fit well in my hand and was very comfortable, not too heavy, and it has an awesome viewfinder thingie, plus the screen is huge.  No macro on the wheel, so I almost put it down right away, but I decided to try out the macro button on the back.  I was in pretty low-light, but I snapped a couple of pics of my nails anyway, and lo and behold, they were really nice!  Very detailed, crisp and clear.  I tried several different angles and distances and all of them came out very sharp.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like under my OTT light!  :D  I tried some pics around the area and all of them were fab.  There was only 1 left on the shelf, but I picked it up all happy and excited… but then I remembered how Best Buy’s price is usually higher than Amazon’s, so I looked it up on my phone. $25 difference, plus I had a $25 Amazon gift card leftover from xmas.  That’s $50 right there.  It was REALLY hard to put it back and walk out of the store empty-handed.  I wanted to cry, since it was my bday and I wanted my present NOW!  LOL

I came home, did some research on it, and ended up ordering it from Amazon – by the time I got the camera, memory card, and rechargeable batteries/charger, I still spent less than what I would have spent on just the camera at Best Buy.  Then I had that gift card, so that made it even better.  I am paying $19 more than what I have received for my bday, and I’m actually having a bday party next weekend, so I’m sure I’ll end up with a bit more cash.  YAY!  Delivery estimate is Thursday… I’m going to go crazy waiting for it!  :D

Thanks to everyone for being patient while I am camera-less!  I just found out that I am at 95 followers – whoa, when did that happen?!  I might have to do something special when I reach 100!  :D  <3 you all!

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