Monday, September 24, 2012

Not quite back... but a Blog Sale!

Hi all!  Is anyone still out there?!?!  I know, tomorrow will be a year since I've posted.  *sigh*  I plan to come back when life settles down a bit, but until then, how about helping me unload over 400 unloved polishes??

Yeah, you read that right.  Over 400.  Eeeep!  Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been buying!  But, as most of us polish collectors have found, my tastes have changed over the years and I have many things just sitting and taking up precious space that I desperately need if I'm going to stay in the 4 melmers I have limited myself to!

As there are so many polishes, I don't currently have pics, but I will take them upon request.

I have a cat and though I don't polish her nails, her hair tends to get into everything.  If a few cat hairs in your package bother you, this probably isn't the blog sale you're looking for.  ;)

All polishes are either swatched or used for 1 mani, unless otherwise noted.

Prices are somewhat negotiable, but please, no low-balling.  My drugstore polishes are priced pretty low as-is.

Payment is by Paypal ONLY.  I would prefer a gift, but will invoice (including fees - 2.9% + $.30) upon request.  I have feedback on MUA here and eBay here.

US shipping - $3 for the first, $.50 additional until we get to $5, then we'll look at Priority options.  Will include Delivery Confirmation.

International shipping - actual shipping costs plus $1 for shipping/packing materials.  At your own risk, as there will be no tracking.

Contact me at with sales or questions!

Here are a few of the polishes you'll find in the sale!

All That Glitters - Plum and Plummer - $8
All That Glitters - Valentine Massacre - $8
All That Glitters - Vinyl Junkie - $8
Candeo Colors - Orchid - $9  
Dollish Polish - Fat Guy in a Little Coat - $8  
Dollish Polish - Material Girl - $8  SOLD
Dollish Polish - Puttin' on the Ritz - $8
Dollish Polish - Random Dancing - $8 - slightly tinted base, glitter still vibrant
Dollish Polish - Team Salvatore - $8 - original square bottle - slightly tinted base, glitter still vibrant  SOLD
Dollish Polish - Zombie Flesh - $8 - some evaporation, 85-90% full
Happy Hands - Flowers on the Highway - $8
Lush Lacquer - Slime Time - $7
OPI - Absolutely Alice - $18 - 2 available - AUTHENTIC!  Found at my local grocery store!
OPI - Mad as a Hatter - $35 - 2 available - AUTHENTIC!  Found at my local grocery store!
Nail Pattern Boldness - Le Big Party - $8
Nail Venturous Lacquers - Toxic - $45 OBO - swatched once
Nerd Lacquer - Antisocial Media - $45 OBO - swatched once  SOLD
Nerd Lacquer - Selfish Green - $50 OBO - swatched once  SOLD
Nerd Lacquer - Webinarmy - $45 OBO - 1 mani  SOLD

And many, MANY more here!

Thanks for looking and I hope to see ya'll soon!  :)

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