Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Enchanted Polish sale

08/09/14 Update - Sorry folks, but I won't be able to email current high bidders tonight.  However, nothing has changed from yesterday, so if you received an email yesterday, you are still in the lead! I'm sorry for not emailing, but I am out of town and am having trouble getting all your addresses to load on my phone. :(

UPDATE!!! As per bidder request, I am going to update the current offer for each polish each evening!

Hi there -

Things have gotten rather tough in Normal Girl Nail-land, so I'm currently taking offers for several Enchanted Polishes in the slim round bottles. If you are interested, please hit the contact button over in the sidebar and let me know your offer. I will be leaving this open until Sunday, August 10th at 6pm CST. At that point, whoever has the highest offer will be the winner. In the case of tied offers, the first time stamp will be accepted. I will ship anywhere, though the buyer is responsible for actual shipping costs. I would suggest insurance, as I am unable to replace or refund if these are lost or damaged in shipping!

Here is what I have available:

Austin Powers - current offer: $45 (08/09)
Dragon Spit - current offer: $120 (08/09)
Sour Patch Kid - current offer: $80 (08/09)
Yellow Submarine - current offer: $130 (08/09)
Gummy Worm - current offer: $25 (08/09)
Green Goblin - current offer: $90 (08/09)
Across the Universe
Hey Jude
Octopus's Garden - current offer: $25 (08/09)
Mean Mr. Mustard
Hello New York

I also have Vampire's Dessert (current offer: $30 (08/09)), but it is currently hiding from me, so I don't currently have pictures. You may make offers for it as well, and I will update with photos as soon as I find it!! :)

Pictures of each polish are below. I will list the usage below each picture, but they have all been worn once or swatched once, except for Austin Powers, which has been used for two manis and so is more like 80%. Please contact with me any questions!


Austin Powers, used for two manis, ~80% full (probably closer to 90%)

Dragon Spit, used for one mani

Sour Patch Kid, used for one mani

Yellow Submarine, used for one mani

Gummy Worm, used for one mani

Green Goblin, used for one mani

Across the Universe, swatched a couple of times

Hey Jude, swatched

Octopus's Garden, swatched

Mean Mr. Mustard, swatched

Hello New York, one mani

Additional pictures available upon request!!

Also, don't forget to check out my sale over at StorEnvy - link is in the sidebar!!

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