Monday, April 25, 2011

Chanel Mimosa Comparison + Easter Mani

Yay I'm on vacation this week!  :D  However, I always get sick when I'm on vacation and this time is no exception.  I stayed at work much later than I should have Friday night trying to get everything done and by the time I left, my throat was the tell-tale gritty that means a cold is imminent.  :(  I felt crappy Saturday and most of yesterday, but I seem to be feeling a bit better today.  A little stuffled, but the grittiness has finally went away!  So I guess I'm not sure I caught a cold... maybe it was just my allergies going crazy?  Or maybe my body is fighting off a cold and it never got farther than gritty throat?  Whatever happened, I'm just glad I'm not going to spend my vacation sick, like I usually do!

So, since hubby and I are off this week, I'll try to stop in with some posts, but they might be random and kinda disorganized - like this one!  ;)

I broke down and bought Chanel Mimosa this past week... my first Chanel.  I was really drawn to this shade, more so than any others they have put out.  It got here super-quick and I was not disappointed.  It's a beautiful yellow with a unique shimmer and the formula is not as bad as I've heard it to be.  I haven't had a chance to wear it as a full mani yet (planning on putting it on tonight or tomorrow!), but I did a little comparison between it, Revlon Top Speed Electric, and NYC Taxi Yellow Creme (which has shimmer, so technically it isn't a creme!).  I noticed a lot of people on the NB are talking about Electric possibly being a dupe, so since I had both, I figured I should swatch.

Mimosa is on my index finger (far right), Electric on middle, Taxi Yellow on my ring (far left).  You can really see Mimosa's shimmer here, and see how the other two's shimmer is much less noticeable.

I know that pic is kinda small, so here is a HUGE one that might help a bit more - please forgive all the dryness and cuticle disaster!!  Click on it for full size!

Edit: this pic makes Mimosa and Electric look closer than they are.  Photobucket has done some kind of compression here that has fuzzed out a bit of the details.  They are not dupes!!  Similar, but different enough to own both - or only one, depending on your tastes/budget.

You can see, Mimosa and Electric are close, the amount of shimmer is really what sets them apart.  If you never wear yellow or you are just not sure, get the Revlon and save yourself $20.  If you LOVE yellow polish (or are a Chanel collector), get Mimosa.  It's beautiful and unique, plus it's LE.  I figured that even if I didn't love it, I could swap it pretty easily once it isn't available anymore.  I love it though, can't wait to wear it!  I liked it so much that I ordered Morning Rose last night, so you'll be seeing that one too.  I don't normally do pinks, but it's a  yellow-based pink, which isn't all that common, and I think I can actually pull it off - it *hopefully* will be the first light pink I can wear!

And since it was Easter yesterday, I couldn't resist wearing Glitter in the Air, by Deborah Lippmann.  I was rather torn on ordering it, since seeing My Lucid Bubble's review, but I finally decided to bite the bullet when I had a 20% off code and some Dollars, so I ended up getting it for around $12.  The glitter is really sparse and the base color doesn't show up at all, so be warned before you try it.  I tried it over ButterLondon Lady Muck, but didn't really love it that way, so then I tried again over OPI's What's With the Cattitude and it looked fab for Easter!  Next time I'll try it over something a little closer to the base color.

This is 3 coats of WWTC and 2 coats of GITA.  It looks so simple, but it really was a lot of work!  :P  It was fitting for the holiday, though I didn't get any comments on it.  >,<  I thought about mattifying it, so it would look more like an eggshell, but didn't ever do it.  Maybe I will before I switch to Mimosa?

In some other news, I finished my spreadsheet this weekend - woo woo!  I do have a few more polishes than I thought, but I wasn't that far off, plus/minus 50 from what I was estimating.  However, there are a ton of them that I don't love, so I'll have to either put them up for swap or have a blog sale or something to make room for new pretties that I do love!  I'll be posting my spreadsheet sometime soon and ya'll can tell me what you'd like to see next.  I have sooooooo many untrieds, so I'm looking forward to working my way through them.

Also... I'm looking for a few ladies to possibly go in with me on an order at Nailite - they sell some really cheap polishes (and an exact dupe for Essie's Starry Starry Night for only 99 cents!), but they have a $25 minimum.  I don't mind spending $25 somewhere, but I figured it might work out for several people if we made 1 order - then lots of us could have our lemmings fulfilled!  :)  Anyone interested??  Email me at: threnodynx @ gmail . com if so!!  :)

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