Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chanel Morning Rose

I received my second Chanel in the mail today and I just love it!  :D  I don't normally like pinks on me, but especially not lighter pinks - they always look funny with my yellow undertones.  However, Morning Rose is a yellow-based pink and I think it looks great!

It's a salmon-y pink with little gold flecks in it - totally unique to my collection, though to be honest, I don't have much in the way of these kinds of colors since they usually look so bad on me.

This one has a little bit less light, so you can see the little flecky shimmers a bit better.  I also have a close-up!

You can click on that for a bit of scariness!  ;)

Formula-wise, this was kinda on the sheer side, but I didn't mind.  What you are seeing is 4 coats.  I didn't have any trouble with bubbling or dry time, I used Posche as my topcoat and it dried pretty fast.  I've only been wearing it 12+ hours, so I can't really comment on wear, but it looks good right now!  ;)

If ya'll can think of similar things, please post them so I can be on the lookout!

Basecoat: Essie Feed Me + Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler
Topcoat: Posche
Number of coats: 4 

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