Sunday, September 5, 2010

First off... an explanation.

There are a million nail polish blogs out there, every one better than mine.  My nails don't look like these other people's... they're odd shaped and just funky to polish.  I don't apply polish very well.  I'm still working on the MeganChair cleanup method.  I don't get the new and exciting shades in advance.  I can't afford things like Chanel.

So why did I start a blog?  Turns out, there are a lot of colors out there that haven't been swatched.  I can't tell you how many times I have done a search on Google or Nailgal and can't come up with a photo of the polish I'm looking for.  Considering how many blogs are out there, I wouldn't have thought this a problem.  It seems to me that everyone is after the HTFs, the new collections, the expensive stuff no normal girl can afford.  Where are the Ulta swatches?  The L.A. Colors?  The L.A. Girls?  Sinful Colors?  Unless they are HTF, it's impossible to find a good swatch.

So that is my mission... to show you those cheap and easy to find treasures that, though they only cost $2, you really don't want to buy until you KNOW what they look like.

Let me know if there is something you're looking for - I'll try to find it.  However, please remember that I'm poor and even though I live in a decent-sized city, not everything is available here.  But if I can get it (and I can afford it), I will swatch it for you!

Now... I must say... since this is my blog and all, I'll probably post off topic occasionally and sometimes I'll post pics of polish you've seen 100 times.  I only have my collection to go on and sometimes that includes some popular colors.  Case-in-point: NOTD is Butter London Victoriana.  I <3 Butter London.  It's expensive... but occasionally I splurge.  Butter London is probably my favorite brand... but that doesn't mean I have no love for my Sinful Colors!

Let the swatching begin!!

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