Monday, September 27, 2010

Ulta - Femme Fatale

YAY my first follower!!  :D  :D  :D  I'm finally not talking to myself anymore!!  ;)  THANK YOU!!

Ahem... anyway... today I'm going to show you Femme Fatale, an Ulta Salon polish.

Slightly funny story on this one... my husband absolutely does not care one slight little bit about my nails or my polish, except for the amount of money and time I spend on them.  I could not for the life of me decide what color to do my nails the other night and so I kept asking him for help, which of course, he refused.  Finally I narrowed it down to 2 - this and OPI Royal Raja Ruby.  I begged him to choose, but again, he refused.  I whined until he finally did it, after much eye rolling, and he picked Femme Fatale.  I was a little disappointed at first - have you seen RRR???  However, once I had this on, it was love!!  And I made my man finally get involved, though against his will!  ;)

I don't have a ton of stuff to say on this one... it pretty much speaks for itself.  The photos are actually pretty color accurate, even though it is a purple - shocking!!  This has a great metallic finish, but not brush-strokey at all, which I adore.  This is fantastic for fall and I will be wearing it often!!  Application was great - nice and smooth.  This was two coats, so pretty standard.  I like the Ulta brush just fine and the cap is great for my small hands.

I took these pics on Thursday... and started cleaning the house (which was a disaster, not joking whatsoever... I'm still not done!) immediately afterwards.  Not only did Femme Fatale not survive, but neither did my nails... I broke 4 between Thursday and Friday and ended up nubbinizing on Saturday.  *SAD*  My nails haven't been this short in awhile and I haven't adjusted.  I put on a vampy to try to make it better (Essie Wicked), but it still doesn't seem right.  You've seen the pics - my nails weren't that long to begin with, but now... my thumb nails are so short you can see skin after the nail ends!!  :(

I'm actually kinda glad for the nubbins though... I know it was for the best.  I had been using a basecoat that I suspect was causing many nail woes *coughOrlyBondercough* including peeling, brittleness, yellowing, etc. and my tips were in BAD shape.  I had two silk wraps on my left thumb, a patch on my left middle, left ring, right ring, and my entire right thumb was covered in Orly Nail Rescue.  I think it was time to chop them!  Now hopefully as they grow back in, they will be nice and healthy, not the peely mess I was dealing with.  I just need them to hurry up and grow - I'm a little embarassed to take pics of these!!

In other news this week, I made 2 e-hauls (Burlesque!!  CND Effects!!), so I have lots of new pretties coming!  I also bought an OTT Lite, which I am SUPER excited about!  I work during the day and unless I take pics before work (yeah right) or on my lunch, the sunlight is waning by the time I get home and there is no good light in my house.  With the OTT Lite, I should be able to take some great pics indoors, which will mean more posts more often with the added bonus of my neighbors not staring at me like I'm crazy when I'm outside trying to take pics of my hands!

In not-so-great news, since I spent my vacation cleaning (and breaking nails), I did not swatch like I planned on.  I still have a couple of photos I haven't posted yet, but I am a little disappointed I didn't get to play much.  I still have so much to do here at home, and I'm trying to force myself to do it by not allowing myself to play with the pretties until the work is done.  It kinda makes me sad, but then when I walk into my spare bedroom (which I have not been able to walk in since I moved into this house almost 3 years ago!) and look at how fantastic and functional it is now... it's worth it.

Not that you really care, but let me tell you a bit about my hubby and me - we are SLOBS.  Not joking at all.  We don't mean to be... we just don't really care about that kinda stuff.  We only care when it gets really bad and we can't stand it anymore... then we have to do a huge cleaning that takes forever.  Plus, both of us have short attention spans, are easily distracted and have no motivation.  Therefore, it takes us several days to do what a normal person could get done in a day.  Everytime we get everything all cleaned up, we try REALLY hard to keep it that way, and sometimes we do for a long time (we made it almost 2 months once!), but something always happens - one of us gets sick, we start working like crazy, Christmas comes and we have to drag out all the decorations and wrapping paper, that kinda stuff.  Before we know it, everything is a mess again and we have to spend days getting it back the way it should be.  It's mostly clutter - boxes (I hardly ever shop in stores, I do most everything online), old mail, clothes we didn't put away, that kinda stuff.  We're pretty good not to be gross... unless you consider dust gross, and then we're absolutely disgusting.  At first it doesn't  bother me, I don't even notice, but eventually it starts weighing on me everytime I come home and look around.  I just have a hard time getting started... and staying going.  So this time, I denied myself my nail polish.  The house still isn't where I want it to be... but I would say that the polish ban is working.  The spare bedroom is now functional, the living room looks pretty decent (does need a good vacuuming and dusting yet), about half the laundry is done and neatly folded (I need to finish cleaning out drawers to put it all away) and the kitchen doesn't look *quite* as bad as it did when we started.  It's going to take a lot more work, so I won't be swatching until I'm done.  Maybe my nails will have grown out a bit by then?

Back to the NOTD... Ulta Salon Lacquer in Femme Fatale retails for $5 and is widely available (and often on sale!)

Number of coats: 2
Basecoat: Instant Artificials
Topcoat: Revlon Extra Life + Seche Vite

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