Thursday, September 9, 2010

OPI - Pamplona Purple

Ok, so my NOTD is something by OPI, so you've probably seen it before.  I'm wearing a shirt that is the exact same shade and this was in my untrieds, so I figured now was the time.

So here we have OPI's Pamplona Purple from the Espana Collection... which I believe was the fall collection for 2009.  I hadn't heard much about this one - actually, nothing at all.  A friend and I were going together to buy some polish online and so I was browsing through the offerings and when I came across this one, I started searching for swatches.  I have several shirts this same shade and haven't found a nail polish to match.  I thought I'd found it in Milani's Rad Purple (I'll swatch that one soon to compare), but alas, the polish is not the same color as the bottle (damned you colored bottles!) and my search continued.  I was proud of myself - this is the only polish I ordered (yes, I have a bit of a problem...) and it did not disappoint.

Pamplona Purple has been described as "plush plum", but I think that's a little off.  When I think of plum, I think of dark vampy purples.  This is most certainly not vampy!  To me, it's more like fushia... mixed with a little purple.  Maybe a dark magenta?  A medium red violet?  Hard to describe in words, but the pictures are pretty color accurate... though I definitely could have used better lighting.  Sorry about that... didn't have a chance to take pics before the sun started going down.

I like that the color is what you'd expect more from a neon, but it has a cream finish - I don't really like the neon finish.  I'm drawn to many of the colors, but once it's on, I have to start loading up on the Seche Vite to like it.  Pamplona Purple did seem kinda streaky on the first coat.  It evened out on the second, but the tips of my nails where I didn't get the second coat on as well is still a little meh.  I suppose that's my fault, not the polish's, but for the first time I noticed little tiny bubbles on my thumbnail.  I've never had that happen before!  It's really only noticeable to me, but still...

The bottle and brush are typical OPI, which you've probably worked with before.  I have pretty small hands, so the lid is a little long for me, but I do like the Pro-Wide brush.  I know a lot of people think it's too big and hate it, but I like that I can almost cover my entire nail with one stroke - makes application a snap!

Pamplona Purple retails for $8.50 and is still widely available.

Number of Coats: 2
Basecoat: Instant Artificials
Topcoat:  Sally Hansen Insta-Dry + Seche Vite

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