Monday, September 6, 2010

NYX Jungle

My first real post - yay!

Here we have NYX Jungle. I had this in my Cherry Culture cart forever before I finally bought it. I saw 1 swatch online... 1! It was hard to tell what it was going to look like, and there was no review of the product itself. NYX isn't sold anywhere in my area (at least not to my knowledge), so I had no experience with the brand.

If you've visited many nail blogs, you know that certain colors don't like to photograph correctly - purples and greens are notorious for this. Of course, Jungle is a green... so I have two pics for you.


This is out in the sunlight and you can see it has some subtle sparkle. This photo is not color accurate! Jungle is a jungle green, not this Catch Me In Your Net-looking teal you see. Here is a color accurate, albeit blurry, photo.


It really is a gorgeous color - jungle green with just a tint of gold duocrome (stronger in the bottle than on the nail) and I'm loving it today. However, this was 5... yes 5 coats! I don't think I've ever had to use so many coats before. The first few just show this as a sheer teal, it takes a lot to get even close to bottle color. I never quite got it that intense and I still have visible nail line, though I think it shows more in the pics than IRL.  I do have to note that I really liked the bottle - it's a cute stubby little thing, much like myself, and the handle/brush are perfectly sized for my smaller hands.

NYX Jungle retails for $5 (currently on sale at Cherry Culture for $3.50).
Number of coats: 5
Basecoat: Instant Artificials
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry + Seche Vite

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